• Munitions Clearance (UXO/ERW/Mines): DETECH offer comprehensive resolution options for the clearance of munitions both on land and underwater.  Refer to Resolution.

  • Demolitions (Removal of Surface and Sub-surface Structures): DETECH can provide specialist advice and services relating to the explosive removal of above and below water structures.

  • Commercial Diving: DE Tech Global can deploy dive teams (SCUBA, surface-supplied air or mixed-gas) to perform a range of diving services, such as intervention, inspection, repair, maintenance, salvage or civil engineering support.

  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspection and intervention: DETECH can deploy ROV systems and team to perform a range of remote intervention, inspection and support functions using electric inspection/light payload ROV systems.

  • Underwater Survey: DETECH can perform accurate seabed survey and mapping to support operations, or as a stand alone service to clients. Such surveys conform to standards agreed with the client, and can be done to IHO-ordered standard if required. Sensors could include side-scan sonar, multi-beam echo sounder or client-specified sensors.

  • Terrain Survey and Mapping: DETECH can perform accurate terrain survey and mapping using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). Payload sensor options include high resolution cameras, LIDAR or other client-specified sensors.

All operations are managed by experienced project managers, manned by demonstrably competent and experienced personnel, and adhere to defined project plans. In addition, all operations conform to company Quality, Health and Safety Standards, and to all relevant legislation and best industry practices.

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Munitions Clearance Consulting (Demining) for MDVIA and Maavarim in Angola 2016
Diving Helmut
Diving operations (in-water inspection) Cape Town 2014