Sierra Leone - Freetown Assessment

DETECH conducted a risk assessment on a munitions storage facility within the perimeter of Freetown. The munitions stored were found to be unsafe for use and storage, stored in an incompatible manner and within storage facilities not fit for purpose.

DETECH advised the commission in Sierra Leone of the findings and briefed both the Chief of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces (and his Command Council) as well as the Deputy President of Sierra Leone.

DETECH designed alternative storage for the unsafe product outside of Freetown and in conjunction with ISAT West Africa planned the relocation of the product to the new facility on completion of construction. Construction is scheduled for completion early in 2019. The ammunition is planned for destruction by the Sierra Leone Armed Forces under the advisory of the US Armed Forces EOD teams with relevant funding provided by ISAT after the relocation.

Sierra Leone - Yumkelia Ammunition Storage

DETECH assessed the Sierra Leone Armed Forced outlying forward operating base in Yumkelia and established the need for a bespoke ammunition and explosives storage facility. DETECH designed the facility and with funding through a local non-profit organisation in the region had the facility scheduled for construction by the non-profit organisation utilising local construction companies later in the year the local military.