2018 kicks off well

DE Tech Global achieves NCAC registration
DTG was advised on 2 January 2018 that the company is registered and recognised through the NCAC for trade in accordance within its mandate

DE Tech Global secures local South African contract to kick off during late February early March 2018

General Company News

We have just signed a long term lease to build new premises in Knysna South Africa.

Liberian Consultation 2017

Liberian Consultation
DE Tech Global, on completion of the recent Non-Technical Survey of Somalia Drive in Monrovia, concluded that 3 sections of the previously suspected area should be further investigated. We consulted with the client in this regard and advised on the Technical Survey that was conducted by the local armed forces. The AFL conducted the technical survey, under DE Tech Global consultative advice, and have released the area to the client after having found no further evidence of hazard in the area.

Vendor Registration

DE Tech Global Ltd is officially registered as a vendor to:
  • The United Nations Global Marketplace
  • The South African National Defense Force
  • The South African Police Services

Liberian Deployment 2017

DE Tech Global Ltd secure contract in Liberia to conduct risk assessment of their Area of Interest.

Risk Assessment Contract

The risk assessment contract was concluded within budget and client expectations. The outcomes have highlighted various areas under discussions with the client on which the client will be acting on in the foreseeable future.
Awareness Training
DE Tech Global Ltd conducted IED Awareness training to various clients during the deployment in Liberia.
Thank you

DE Tech Global Ltd would like to thank all staff and clients for their efforts during the during of this contract.