Happy New Year 2022

We at DETECH would like to take this opportunity to wish our clients, partners and friends a fortuitous 2022. Here is working toward a recovering economy and environment to boot with a enhanced and enlightened population to assist with the revery of our planet.
Lets work together with safety first all the time.

Facility Assessment - Al Ain (UAE)

DETECH recently concluded a 3 month assessment of an Al Ain based munitions provider in the UAE. DETECH was tasked in assessing the facility for compatibility for working with explosive materials and recommend a license relevant to the facility and designated function intended. This task was accomplished by implementing the UN IATGs and deploying 1 operator for the task.
We wish our client the best in achieving accreditation and relevant licensing of the facility.

Risk Assessment - Sierra Leone

DETECH has concluded yet another assessment in West Africa spanning the past 5 months. This time allowing for the enhancement of a local community outside of Freetown where residents were educated on UXO identification and reporting techniques including the channels required to follow to achieve the fastest action on hazardous clearance.
The COVID crises has not helped with personnel on the ground and staff have been detached from family for the duration of the deployment. Technological advancements in drone survey assisted tremendously reducing the number of personnel required to travel and be exposed to this virus.

Strategic Sustainability - The Way to Go

During the pandemic to date DETECH reinforced our stance on a sustainable approach to operations and ensuring environmental rehabilitation as part of our effort to a safer planet. This approach has proved to be completely on point giving back to both the communities we serve and us as a company.

Corona Virus/COVID-19

As DETECH reported toward the end of December 2019 we had become aware of a Corona Virus that had started doing the rounds having started in China. COVID-19 was announced by the WHO today and we are thankful for the company culture we have adopted to deal with this crisis. With this we at DETECH decided to address the matter by addressing our approach to business and management of projects through enhancing our strategic outlook on project planning together with a more directly sustainable route when planning from the sourcing of equipment to the manpower utilised right the way down to returning the operational areas back to their original natural state.