DETECH specializes in assessing clients unique requirements and associated risks, then proposing and delivering a bespoke resolution in the form of services or products that meet these needs thereby mitigating all associated risks.

Registered in 2008, we have developed experience, intellectual property, processes, assets and strategic relationships stemming from our activity in the following sectors:

  • Post-Conflict Resolution: Risk assessment and resolution relating to Explosive Remnants of War, munitions and improvised explosive devices both on land and underwater.

  • Defense Industry Systems Management: Technical support relating to munitions, weapons systems engineering and practices.

  • Security Industry: Risk assessment (threat and vulnerability assessments) and resolution (recommendation and implementation of mitigation measures to address defined threats and vulnerabilities).

  • Remote Underwater and Aerial Operations: Use of remotely controlled underwater and aerial vehicles and sensors to perform surveillance, inspection and intervention tasks in the landward and underwater domain.

  • Product Sales: Selling of specialist explosive ordnance disposal, improvised explosive ordnance disposal, surveillance, diving and related equipment.

  • Specialist Training: Training of de-miners, explosive ordnance disposal, improvised explosive device disposal operators, diving personnel, remotely operated vehicle pilot/technicians and unmanned aerial vehicle pilots and sensor operators.

  • Third Party Oversight: Oversight of operations conducted by another party for the primary client. This services offers the primary client full confidence in the services conducted by their contractors.

DETECH manages all activities in accordance with a quality management system and relevant processes. All activities are supported by a safety, health and environmental management system and in full compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and best practices.

DETECH is, as far as reasonably practicable, committed to the social upliftment, enhancement, development and empowerment of people in its areas of operational interest.

In offering services in the above sectors the company is registered as
vendor/supplier with various South African, Commercial/ Humanitarian and United Nations organisations.

Operational safety whilst achieving and complying with best-industry practice and standards and meeting the client’s service delivery expectations goals are of primary concerns of DETECH whilst implementing and improving upon the DETECH groundbreaking sustainability practices throughout.

We strive to create a safe working environment through accurate risk assessment and feedback to the client through DETECH's strategic sustainability model which includes the reduction of human interface with extreme risk and the returning of the environment to its original state without fail.

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